• Lindsay Valley

What is "mother roasting?" And why women love it.

In cultures around the world, women are encouraged to "lie-in," rest, and stay warm for the first forty days (or so) after birthing their babies. Their sole focus is and should be feeding their baby and recuperating from the massive journey that is birth. It's an immensely demanding shift in every respect of the word. How well you care for yourself and how well you receive care during this special window of time is vital to your health, not only for tomorrow or next year but for the next 20 years and beyond.

Staying warm is an important element to consider when creating your postpartum plan. Because women's bodies are physically open during the birthing process, both the actual physical body as well as the subtle bodies, it is thought that women need protection from the "cold" that could penetrate her body during this time, which could in turn manifest itself as dis-ease and ill health later in life.

Here are some things to consider when making plans for your first forty days:

- Wear socks and hats as much as possible, if it's a hot summer day then just at night

- Shower infrequently but if you do, dry your hair as soon as possible

- Drink warm liquids throughout each day. Think: herbal teas, broths, hot water, soups

- Keep your low back and belly covered as much as possible

Keeping these practices top of mind during your postpartum phase will assist in a deep internal relaxation. It will calm your nervous system and help you adapt to mamahood with more ease. It will help you feel deeply nourished from the inside out. Feel the feeling of... a deep sigh of relief.... a deep thanks... a long hug from your most favorite person... this is what you're doing for your incredibly powerful body when you add warmth into routine in your first forty days.

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