I was 16. In a deep discussion about my future with mentor of mine, I discovered what a midwife was and something within came alive. I consider that moment in time an initiation of sorts, a remembering of the inherent wisdom in birth and in women's bodies. This Illuminated a path of lifetime of learning for me. My passion was, and still is, women's health. The physiology of women's bodies, the mystery behind childbirth and women's blood mysteries. I knew there was way more uncover than what my generation of women were taught. Since then, I've practiced as a doula, became a yoga teacher, and served new mamas in my community during their first forty days postpartum. 

You can often find me:

-Sitting and dancing in the woods



-Cooking nourishing meals

-Making my own herbal remedies

-Reading whatever has caught my fancy in the moment

-Snuggling my children (human and fur human alike)